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16 July 2013 @ 03:04 pm

"Tears of Regret"

(A/N: Based on the poem of Shiela May Galletes)

I’m walking along the corridor, thinking of this special person... I’ve been in a point where I thought why would I be thinking of him always despite the fact that we’re mere classmates. Yes, I admit that Ilove him but my friends told me that it’s just an infatuation but then I would like to think that I love him because for 2 years now, he’s my crush and always been my one and only crush. I’ve already met so many guys which my friends introduced to me but they are nothing compared to him.

I was too busy with that thought when I bumped to somebody. I fell on the ground, slowly, I lifted up my head as I caressed the part of my body where I got hurt. My eyes gone wide to see who it was.

“I’m sorry, Aya,” Mark said apologetically. He offered his hand to me. I looked at his hand, it seems glittery and I’m contented with just looking at it. “Aya?” he called.

“Ah, yes!” I hurriedly grabbed his hand and with his force, he stood me up.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m okay. How about you?” I asked him as I examine him worriedly but then I couldn’t totally examine him because I am just gazing at him.

“Yes, I’m okay,” he answered with a smile.

“I’m really sorry. I wasn’t looking on my way. I’m really sorry,” I told him.

“No, no. Don’t say sorry. It’s my fault anyway,” he said. Then he looked at his wrist watch. “Ah, I have to go. See you later!” he said then started to step away but he halted. “Take care,” he added.

I was so stunned that I just nodded. I stood at that spot for a while and looked at him until he totally vanished in front of my eyes.

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09 July 2013 @ 12:00 pm
happy face man
Title: Happy Face
Character: a girl, classmates, Yamada Ryosuke
Genre: Horror, Gore, Thriller.
A/N: 1st person POV

I am walking in a dark street... no light coming from the lamp post, they might be broken... I am looking at both sides but I can't feel any life in here... where am I anyway?

I continued walking, I suddenly felt anxious. All I can see is the darkness from all the sides. I started to feel scared because of this deafening darkness.

"Ting! Ting! Ting!" a sound of the metal lamp post. Seems like someone or there's something hard hitting the metal lamp post. I turned to my back and I shrunk my eyes to better see the scenery of darkness in front of me.
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Thank you for reading!!! XD Feel free to comment!!! Sankyuu!!!

And sorry for making Ryosuke a killer xp
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31 December 2012 @ 03:06 am
love is

Title: Love is…
Author: Maya Kawashima
Character: Arioka DaikixOC, Takaki YuyaxOC
Type: Oneshot Fanfic
Genre: Love, Drama
My alarm clock rang, I woke up and stood up quickly.
“Hello, world!!” I shouted happily.
Yes! I’m happy! Wanna know why? Because this day is the first anniversary of me and my boyfriend, Arioka Daiki!
I cleaned up my bed and went downstairs to ready myself. Oops! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Kuchiki Mei, a student from Torigaoka Gakuen. I’m in my 2nd year of my senior high. I have a very handsome and cute boyfriend who loves me very much! I already mentioned his name earlier! XD
Enough of my intro, I’m already finished taking a bath. As I walked toward the dining area, I could smell the scent of toasted bread and fried eggs.
“Ohayoo, Ma!” I greeted my mother as I sat down on the chair in front of our dining table which is full of delicious foods.
“Ohayou, Mei! How’s your sleep?” she asked me with a smile.
“I had a great sleep though,” I answered then I giggled because I didn’t sleep that much, excited for the morning to come. But it’s okay, it doesn’t seem like I didn’t sleep that much.
After I ate, I went to my room and looked for my very beautiful dress that is fitted for this occasion. Then I put make- up on then after 15 minutes, I’m ready to go. Exactly the time Daiki called me on my phone.
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03 October 2012 @ 08:07 pm
~chapter 1~
[I want ichigo!!!]

{A/N:: sorry for some wrong grammar...teehehehe}

In a classroom full of noise there are only two students who are quietly sitting on their respective sits.

The so- called nerd of their class and the stupid and craziest ichigo~maniac of their class.

Yuuri throws his own made paper- airplane and it landed to the ichigo~maniac boy.

"It landed on the target!!! Yay!!!", then he went towards where the
paper-plane landed. "Ne? Ryosuke? What's with that distorted face?", he
asked as he laughed at the ichigo~maniac who is leaning on his desk with
his hands crossed which serves as the support of his head from the desk
while his face is unexplainable if it is sad, bored or some what
distorted as Yuuri said.

"Uwaaaah~! My elder sister ate all the
ichigo last night and nothing even a single ichigo was left! I hate her
very much!!!", he cried while stomping his feet on the ground like a

"That's all?", Yuuri, Ryosuke's friend, said in disbelief.

"Aren't yet you used to see him like that always?", Yuto, another
friend of their subject person, said when he over heard what the two was
talking about.

"I am still shocked.", then the smaller boy left and continues making fun with his other classmates.

"Saa! Genki dasette yo!", Yuto said then he patted Ryosuke's back very hard.

"Itai!!!!!!", Ryosuke shouted. Yuto just laughed.

"Yo! Minamiko~chan! What are you reading???", said Yuuri while he observes Yari, the nerd in their class.

"I'm reading a book about some special characteristics of insects which differ from other insects and animals.", she explained.

"Aaaaa... okay... whatever... I didn't understand what you told me.", he said uninterestedly.

"For example, the musks on the feet of the cockroaches are actually
their tongue. And haven't you ever wonder why does mosquito still see us
even though it's too dark? It's because of our breath.", she explained

"Yeah! Yeah! Whatever!", then he left.

"What did that Chinen told you?", her friend, Maya, when he arrived near her seat.

"He was just asking about the book I'm reading.", she said.

Lunchtime. In the cafeteria...

"Why they don't sell any ichigo in this cafeteria???????????!!!!!!!!!!! WHY???????????", Ryosuke shouted which cause all the student to look at his direction.

"Hey! Stop that! Don't make a scene here!!! Baka!!!", Daiki, his other
friend, said in a low voice but in a tone of shouting then he hit
Ryosuke's head.

"Nandayo!!! I only want to eat ichigo! Are you all against me????"

"As usual, he's childish.", then Ryutarou, another friend of him, sighed.

"We'll find yummy ichigo at the supermarket later.", Yuto said and he caresses Ryosuke's back.

"Honto ni???", he puppy- eyed at Yuto.

"Honto ni!", he assured.

The rest sighed.

At the table where Yari, Maya, Enit and Kira are eating...

"That Yamabutaichigo again, huh?", Enit said coldly.

"Why? He acts way too cute you know!!!", Maya said in a protective tone of voice.

"Actually, ichigo are riched in vitamin C that's why it's good to eat many of them.", Yari commented.

"Uhmmm.... are you in love with a same boy???", Kira asked her two friends.

"Huh?", Yari and Maya exclaimed at the same time.

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03 October 2012 @ 08:04 pm
"Will you say that you love me?"
~chapter 9~ <the final chapter>
[No need to explain your LOVE for me]

{A/N:: for the last time... sorry for some wrong grammar haha,,, I finished this last night haha hope you like it!!!}

Tomorrow came. As usual Ryo~chan came to check if I'm good. He didn't
stop doing that usual thing eventhough I avoided him these past days.

I am on the sala watching morning news when he came by the door.

"Ohayoo, Machan!", he greeted me with a warm and shining smile.

"Ohayoo!", I greeted back and gave a smile also.

He went towards me and sat on the other sofa on the right side where I am sitting.

"Ne? I'm really worried about you these past days. Are you okay now?", he asked worriedly.

"Hai. I'm fine.", I smiled.

"Yokatta. Don't make me worried again okay?"

I nodded.

"Do you want to go out?"

"Sure. Since I missed eating outside with you."

"Okay! Then it's your treat!", he giggled.

"Huh? Nani?", I pouted.

"That's the payment for avoiding and making me worried."


"Just kidding! Of course it's my treat!", he said happily.

"Gomen ne Ryo~chan.", I said in an apologetic voice.

"Eh? Why? I said I was just kidding."

"Sorry for ignoring what I am suppose to feel, sorry for lying to
myself and sorry for not noticing what I really feel for you.", I said
straight- forwardly. Inspite of that my hands are trembling and I am
cold sweating. My heart goes dokidoki and I can feel my face got

"No. Don't say sorry. You didn't do anything and I'm
happy that you realized something.", looks like he didn't understand
what I said.

"Sorry! Sorry for not letting you know that I love you!", I blushed.

"I love you too. I know you love me."

"No, I mean not only as a friend... I- I love you! Uhmm... E~to... How
can I explain this... Anoo...", I really really feel nervous.

He went by myside and hugs me. "You really don't know how to explain
well. I love you too more than a friend. I love you more than myself.
That's why I am ready to sacrifice my own feeling just for your own
happiness. I love you! And I'm glad that you overcame your fear
already.", as he said that, his voice is like music to my ears.

I am bursting with happiness.

I'll be going out with Ryo~chan today. We'll go on a lunch date because this is our first anniversary.

I am fixing my dress on when my phone rings. I went to the table where my cellphone is. It's Ryo~chan.

I answered it.

"Moshi moshi! You're all ready now?", he asked me.

"Hai. I'll be on my way now. See you."

"Uhn. Ja ne!", he said then I hung.

After a minute I went downstairs and see him. We are neighbors that's
why. He is my friend since childhood and he is my boyfriend now. We are
always there for each other whenever one of us has a problem.

I smiled at him. He courtseys like he is about to invite me on a dance. I took his hand.

He stand and hold my hand tightly. "Ikuzo?", he asked as he smiled at me.

I blushed unconsciously. Because of that he smiled even more. He always
do that mabushii smile at me and whenever he does that I melt.

"Ah.. H-Hai.", >////<

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03 October 2012 @ 08:02 pm
"Will you say that you love me?"
~chapter 8~
[ My true feeling]

{A/N:: sorry for the wrong grammar}

"Moshi moshi...", I answered back.

"How are you?", Yuto asked.

"I am fine. How about you?"

"I'm fine also. I called Yama~chan last night, we talked about a very
important matter. And I realized something... Ne? Maya I am setting you
free now."

I was shocked. I can't say anything.

know now who really loves you the most... it's Yama~chan. I asked him if
he loves you... at first he denied it but I made him confess. I am
amazed at him. Now I realized that I only love myself because I don't
want to be hurt. You deserve him.", he explained but I can't feel any
pain on his voice it's like he really is setting me free.

"Yuto... why are you saying this to me? D- Don't you love me anymore?
I'm really sorry for what I've done. Please, don't do this.", I started
crying again.

"I can see that anytime you two are together,
that is the only time that I can see that sparkling smile of yours. I
want you to be happy so if you also love me you'll set me free, right?"

"Yuto... gomen."

"Don't cry now. That's all. Oh and one more thing don't be afraid to
say that word because you mean it everytime you say it. Sayonara."

"Thank you and sorry.", after that he hung.

I lie down on my bed. I'm staring at the ceiling.

Ryo~chan loves me... when I heard that I really felt happy deep inside.
Then I recalled all our happy moments. Those moments when I showed him
how I cared for him, how I smiled everytime he's telling corny jokes and
how I loved him everytime he is showing his care and love for me.

Now I realized how I really want him to be by my side always. I feel
warm as I imagine him, then I didn't know I am smilimg all this time.

After those teary and sorrowful nights I can sleep with a smile on my face again.

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03 October 2012 @ 08:00 pm
"Will you say that you love me?"
~chapter 7~

{A/N:: Sorry for some wrong grammar}

"Please, Yuto~kun listen first.", Ryo~chan begged when he grabbed Yuto's hand.

Yuto stopped. He is really angry that's why eventhough he stopped he won't listen.

"Yuto~kun, because of the misunderstanding that happened between you
and Machan, she was traumatized. She's afraid to say 'I love you' to
anyone because she thinks she may not mean it. But she told me instead
of saying it she will have to show it. She'll show it to you. I know...
her idea is quite impossible... unbelievable... but let us just support
her. She was the most hurt because of that fight, misunderstand. So
please, Yuto~kun, I am asking you to understand her. If you love her
you'll do right?", Ryo~chan explained.

"She told that to you?",
Yuto asked and Ryo~chan nodded. Yuto smirked. "And she didn't even
tried telling that to me? Is it because you're her best friend? and she
trust you the most? I am her boy friend! But she treat you like you're
her boyfriend! You know what?! It makes me angry to think that she is
with you always, anytime, and you always talk a lot, it hurts me to
think you know all about her while me... I'm far from her, I can't even
chat with her about us and I don't know that much about her BECAUSE
ABOUT YOU!!!", because of anger Yuto's body is shaking.

"I- I'm sorry, Yuto~kun.", was all Ryo~chan could say.

"And now you want me to think that nothing is going on between you and
her? I'm not an idiot to ignore what you two are doing.", Yuto said in
pain. He left without looking back.

Ryo~chan was left there, his tears ran down on his face.

While me, after I witnessed what had happened I went to my room and locked myself there. I am crying, I am confused.

After a while, I heard a knock on the door of my room. I ignored it.

"Machan, can we talk?", it's Ryo~chan. I didn't answer. "Machan, I'm
very sorry.", after he said that I heard his footsteps walking away.

I avoided Ryo~chan for how many days. I am really confused. Does he
likes me? Everytime I think of him my heart always go dokidoki. Does
that means I also like him?

But I can't, I don't want our
friendship to be broken, to change. Why? I shouldn't feel this to him
because the one I love is Yuto.

I don't understand!

A rainy evening. I am trying to cheer up myself. I am watching gag shows when my cellphone rings.

It's Yuto. It took me a while before I answered it.

"Moshi moshi.", Yuto started.

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03 October 2012 @ 07:58 pm
"Will you say that you love me?"
~chapter 6~
[Please listen]

{A/N:: I'm having difficulty with describing words that's why sorry for some wrong grammar}

"Ne? Maya, I love you!!", Yuto said out of nowhere. I'm shocked because I'm busy watching tv at that time.

I just stared at him, I don't know how to respond.

"Maya, daisuki da yo!", he said again and bump me slightly on myside.

"Uhn.", I nodded.

"Eh? Was that all you can say? NE! I said daisuki da yo!!!", he stomped his feet like a child after he shouted that to me.


"Nandayo! You're like this again! Don't you love me?", then he pout.

"Iie.. ano.. I do.", cold sweat came out of my hand.

"Then say it to me! I wanna hear it!"

"Ahmm... ano... I- I l-lo...-"

"Konnichi wa!", Ryo~chan came holding a cake box. I'm relieved. How I wish Yuto will stop asking me about that thing.

I know I love him but I can't say it because I'm still in trauma. If
this will go through smoothly I'll ask Ryo~chan to explain it to Yuto
for me.

"Konnichi wa!", I also greeted.

Yuto is frowning. Ryo~chan looks at him clueless if what was happening before he came.

"Na- nande?", Ryo~chan asked cluelessly.

"Mou! Yama~chan! You're very KY!!!", Yuto shouted at him.

"Huh? I'm sorry to intrude you for whatever you were doing a while ago."

"Yeah! You need to be sorry!!!", then Yuto crossed his arms over his chest.

"Ah... hey stop that now already. I know Ryo~chan don't mean it.", I
said to the two of them. Then I turned to Ryo~chan. "What is this??? Is
it our favorite cake?", I asked excitedly.

"Hai.!", he answered smiling.

I took the cake and went to the kitchen to prepare it and to get saucers. Yokatta! Yuto stopped!

"Need help?", Ryo~chan from my back asked.

"Uhn.", I nodded. "Ne? Ryo~chan? Can I ask a favor?", I puppy eyed at him.

"Sure. What is it?"

"Can you please explain to Yuto about what we have talked? Because I'm
still in trauma, I can't say 'I love you' to him, yet. Please?"

"Okay. I'll explain it to him.", he agreed.

"Arigatou!!!", because of my happiness I hugged him.

"Ahem", someone clears his throat.

"Y-Yuto...", I was shocked. I released from hugging Ryo~chan.

Yuto's eyebrows are knitted and he looks very mad.

"So this is the reason why you can't tell me you love me?", he said in a cold voice.

"N- no.. Y-Yuto it's not what you think it is.", I tried to explained to him but he didn't seem to listen.

"You hurt me once... and I'm fed with it.", he turned back and is about to leave.

"Yuto~kun, wait! Don't think bad about what you saw. please, let us explain to you.", Ryo~chan begged.

While, me, is just staring at the floor because my tears are about to come out from my eyes.

Yuto continued his way out of the house while Ryo~chan followed him. When he reached Yuto he grabbed his arm. Yuto stopped.

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03 October 2012 @ 07:57 pm
"Will you say that you love me?"
~chapter 5~
[That usual smile]

{A/N:: I am having difficulty with discribing words that's why I'm sorry some wrong grammar. :)}

A month passed and I'm kind of okay because of my bestfriend.

Yes, Ryo~chan made ways for me and Yuto to get okay again.

But I am still in a trauma because of our fight.

I told Ryo~chan that I don't want yet to say "I love you" to anyone because I'm afraid to hurt someone again.

I'm afraid...what if I don't really mean to say it...

Later at 1 o'clock, Yuto will come here so I decided to cook for him-- his favorite stewed horse gizzard.

I'm excited to see him eventhough we just met yesterday.

As I am cooking Ryo~chan came, he offered some help so I agreed.

"Inspired ne?", he said because I started hummimng some unidentified tunes.

"Ah.. hai.", I giggled. "Honto ni arigatou ne?", I smiled at him then I went near him and hugs him.

"Doo itashimashite! Anything for you!", he whispered on my ears.

We separated and continued cooking.

Exactly 1 o'clock, Yuto came. And as he came Ryo~chan bid goodbye. He said he has still many things to do.

"Let's eat?", I invited.

"Hai! I'm really starving!", he said like a little child excited to eat his favorite candy.

I brought the viand on the dining table, as I placed it there Yuto
leans his nose to the bowl where the viand is in and smells it.

"Oishii!!!!", he said loudly then his stomach growls. I looked at him and vice versa and we both laughed.

We were chatting while we are eating. I feel so happy and fulfilled by
just knowing that he is here. After that we watched movies, played video
games like we were just children and chatted a lot!

By 6
o'clock or something he decided to go home. I accompanied him outside
the gate and bid him goodbye as he walks away I am following him by

Ryo~chan came out of his house and went towards me.

"How was your day with him?", he asked as he arrived.

"Saikou desu!", I said while still glancing at the walking away Yuto.

"Uhn...", he said while nodding.

"How about you? Have you finished all your house choirs?", I looked at him.

"Ah... mochiron!", he smiled. "Ne? I'm happy to see your smile again. That usual smile that you give to everyone."


"Uhn!", he nodded.

"Want to eat with me this evening? There is still a lot of macaroni left, let's eat it together."

"Ahm... no thanks. I'm still full. You see I'm trying to get on a diet cause I'm beginning to be chubby.", then he laughed.

"Are you sure? You also like macaroni, right?"

"Hai. 100% sure!... ah kaerimasu ne. Ja!", then he went back inside his house.

"...ja...", I bid him but I am wondering with his actions this whole day. Is he avoiding me? But why?

I went also inside my home.

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